Individual consultation without sorting out
the tests

1 онлайн-встреча продолжительностью 1,5 часа + ответы на вопросы

через 3 дня после консультации виндивидуальном чате

3 500 руб.

You get:
  • An assessment of your current condition based on your completed questionnaire and your medical history, identifying the root cause
  • Your diet analysis by  food diary

  • Personalised programme with nutritional advice

  • Personalised 7-day menu with recipes based on your presumed deficits and body needs
  • Personalised lifestyle programme (sleep, stress, physical activity)

  • step 1
    Forming client’s request, goals statement. Within 1 week collecting history, complaints, complete a detailed nutrition diary for 7 days, complete the necessary questionnaires based on the complaints and history.
  • step2
    Analysis of the information I got from you. Identifying the root cause of the dysfunction in the body. A personalised programme for you. This includes nutritional and lifestyle recommendations based on your condition and your presumed deficits. A personalised weekly diet with recipes is also included.
  • step 3
    Online meeting (ZOOM, WhatsApp). Meeting includes discussion of the programme prepared and recommendations, an action plan, answers to questions. A report with all recommendations and clarifications will be# sent by email.
  • later
    Within 3 days after the online meeting you can ask any questions in the individual chat room. Questions can be asked from 08.00 to 20.00.
As a result of your work, you will form new habits, change your current state for the better, achieve your goals, and go to a new level of life