Individual support
for 1 month

4 еженедельных онлайн-встречи + ответы на вопросы
в течение 7 дней после завершения в индивидуальном чате

15 000 руб.
You get:
  • An assessment of your current condition based on your completed questionnaire and your medical history, identifying the root cause
  • Your diet analysis by food diary

  • Personalised programme with nutritional advice

  • Personalised 7-day menu with recipes based on your presumed deficits and body needs

  • Personalised lifestyle programme (sleep, stress, physical activity)

  • List of recommended tests and their interpretation
  • Effective nutraceutical correction
  • Working through food addictions and introducing new eating habits
  • Daily help and support from a nutritionist
  • step 1
    Forming client’s request, goals statement. Within 1 week collecting history, complaints, complete a detailed nutrition diary for 7 days, complete the necessary questionnaires based on the complaints and history. Based on your current state, I will prepare a list of tests to be taken.
  • step 2
    Analysis of the information I got from you. Identifying the root cause of the dysfunction in the body. A personalised programme for you. This includes nutritional and lifestyle recommendations based on your condition and your presumed deficits. A personalised weekly diet with recipes is also included. Preparation of an effective comprehensive nutraceutical correction with forms, dosages and product references.
  • step 3
    Online meeting (ZOOM, WhatsApp). Each meeting is designed to work on a specific issue. The work will be gradual and information will be given in doses. Step by step, at your comfortable pace, we work through all the issues, form new nutritional and lifestyle habits to reach your goals. In constant contact with your nutritionist you will be able to adjust your diet and nutraceutical treatment as you continue to achieve your results.
  • later
    Within 3 days after the online meeting you can ask any questions in the individual chat room. Questions can be asked from 08.00 to 20.00.
As a result of your work, you will form new habits, change your current state for the better, achieve your goals, and go to a new level of life